Mustofa, B.A., M.B.A.     |     Investment Committee

Auditor in Arthur Andersen Accounting Firm (1988-1990), Director of PT Danasakti Securities (1991-1994), Director of PT Pan Amcolindo (1994-1997), President Director of PT Danasakti Securities (1997-1999), President Director of PT AmCapital Indonesia (2005-2013) and President Director of PT Pratama Capital Indonesia since 2013. He also served as Commissioner of PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (2004-2011) and Co-Chairman of APEI (Association of Indonesian Securities Companies) (2009-2014).

Bachelor Degree in Accounting from University of San Francisco, in 1986 and MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University, San Francisco in 1988.

Rudi Budianto Surya, S.H., S.E., CFA     |     Investment Committee

Bank Bali (currently known as Bank Permata) in 1990 with last position as the Operation and Admin Head of Bali Securities, PDFCI Securities as Vice President / Head of Operation in 1997, and Director of Operation at Quantum Kapita Securities in 1999. His experience also included corporate finance advisory at Harita Securities and Transpacific Securindo, and Investment Analysis in property company Agung Podomoro Group. Rudi joined PT Pratama Capital Indonesia in February 2008 as Director of Operation.

Rudi graduated from Law Faculty of University Indonesia in 1990. He is also a CFA charter holder and member of CFA Institute since 2000. He obtained professional license as Investment Advisor, Securities Underwriter Representative and Broker/Dealer Representative since 1994.

John Budiharsana, M.B.A.     |     Investment Committee

Started at SGV Utomo – Andersen Consulting (1987-1990), Manager of PT Nusamas Sekurindo (1990-1991), Manager of PT Artha Investa Argha (1991-1993), Corporate Finance Vice President of PT Bahana Securities (1993-1995), President Director of PT Bahana TCW Investment Management (1995-2001), President Director of PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen (2001-2005), Partner of JS Advisory (2005-2007), President Director of PT Ciptadana Asset Management (2007-2011), President Director of PT GAP Capital (2012-2014), and currently as Property and Investment Consultant (since 2014), and as Commissioner of PT Pratama Capital Assets Management (2016-Present).

Graduated with Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from California State University Northridge, in 1983 and MBA in Finance & Management Information System from University of Southern California, Los Angeles in 1986.